Amedeo's Story

Like Laura and 83 other friends, I was also part of Gary and Jeff’s incredible initiative in 2008 of drilling a water well for the Zata School in Northern Ethiopia. I grew up in a Catholic environment in Italy and was raised with the values and beliefs of helping people in need, of sharing your blessings with people you can help – but I have to say that I was never involved with something this big. I believe because I feel so blessed with the great life I have, that somehow I would like to try to give back and help others.

When Gary approached me with the idea of joining him and Laura on their second visit to Ethiopia earlier this year, I had a clear vision of how I could help their charity. I have a great passion for photography and I knew that it would allow me to capture the beautiful and unique moments of our trip and share them with the rest of our friends back in California. The beautiful thing about technology is that with internet I can now share my memories with the rest of the world!

The most memorable part of the trip was the interactions with the children. I was very surprised to see how happy they are no matter what they have – or don’t have! Their amazing spirit and beautiful smiles were filling my heart with joy, and I think it shows in many of my photos.

I realize now, after coming back from Ethiopia, I was left with a deeper connection with the Ethiopian people, their history and their land. There is so much I have to learn about the world and the people I will meet along the way. Ethiopia was, for me, an incredible way to start my journey.

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