Ethiopia 2011 Day 06

After five days in the Omo Valley it was time to start heading north towards the capital, Addis Ababa. We stopped for lunch at a local place and were greeted by children with big smiles. Throughout our drive we were constantly reminded of how of the work the women in girls in Ethiopia do. They carry large heavy loads of wood, crops and water on their backs – walking miles and miles each and every day. When we would stop to take their photos they always greeted us with big smiles. Amazing! Laura was always quick to give the girls ink pens – her way of rewarding them for their commitment to hard work! Every now and then we would see a man working hard in a field plowing with oxen and what seemed like ancient wooden plows. After a full day of driving we arrived in Arba Minch for our overnight stay. The view from our hotel overlooked Nech Sar National Park with Lake Abaya in the distance. Such a beautiful place to end our stay in the Omo Valley and a reminder of the breathtaking beauty Ethiopia has to offer.

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