Ethiopia 2011 Day 10

So the day we’ve been looking forward to has finally arrived – we are going back to the Zata School. After a two hour drive we came over the hill and could see the school on the horizon…and 1300 students parading out to greet us! The feelings of joy and excitement washed over us as we heard the chanting and singing of our beloved students! All of the children from both the morning and afternoon sessions were there to welcome us, along with all 29 teachers and the new principal.

We got a tour of the campus and saw so many changes and improvements that had been made since our visit in 2009. It was hard to believe that “Friends Helping Others” – a small group of friends with a dream of helping kids have a better future – had been able to have such an impact on these wonderful kids lives. New shutters and doors, new desks and concrete floors, a new library with books – not to mention the water well and bathrooms.

The best part of our visit was getting to spend time with the students. We sat in on their lessons and were able to experience what it was like for them to go to school here. The highlight of our day was hosting an art lesson. We brought crayons, markers, colored pencils and paper with us so the kids could draw pictures! None of them had ever drawn with color before – what an amazing time we had watching them draw pictures and color with their imaginations going wild.

When they were done, Amedeo took their portraits with their drawings (we can’t wait to share their art with you all) He had so much fun getting them to smile and capturing their personalities in the photos! In a trip full of best days this unforgettable day was certainly the best of all!

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