Ethiopia 2011 Day 13

Today we set off on the worst roads we have ever driven on! After 90 minutes winding along very narrow roads through the mountains we came over a hill and saw the Genok School off in the distance. Driving closer we could hear the singling voices of the students gathered to greet us. The sight of their big beautiful smiles still give me goose bumps! We found out about this school from our good friends at A Glimmer of Hope. They are building a new school here as well as a new Health Center. The day before we arrived they had just finished drilling the first of several wells that will provide clean drinking water for the students and the entire community. We are so excited to announce our new project – the fundraising for the desks and chalkboards at the Genok School.

The current school was built by the community three years ago and is a very rustic structure made of twigs and mud. The students crowd into three classrooms and sit on rocks and the ground . There are three grades – first, second and third. When the new school is completed (which will be in time for the new school year) there will be four classrooms and four grades. The community is so excited about this amazing community development project from A Glimmer of Hope and the are responsible for widening and improving the road so the construction vehicles and supplies can get through.

If you are interested in helping to support our new project at the Genok School you can make a donation here. Buy a desk and enrich the educational future for these amazing kids!

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