Dali : A Community Transformed

We found out about this wonderful school project through new friends. While planning our visit to the Zata School in 2009, we had the good fortune of working with A Glimmer of Hope, an organization committed to bringing an end to extreme poverty in rural Ethiopia. This amazing organization was instrumental in drilling the well at the Zata school, and worked on the shutters, doors and desks for us. We fully embraced this project, which was very important to their organization

Meet the Greenes
The Greenes don’t see their kindness as charity; they see it as returning a favor they could never fully repay. Jeff and his wife Kristen had adopted two beautiful children, Tigist and Mihiretu, and taken them from a destitute Ethiopian village to their loving home in Portland, Oregon. After all the joy their children had brought into their lives, the Greenes were inspired. They knew they had to give back to the country that had given them so much.

An Overview of Dali
In August of 2009, Jeff and his brother Scott Greene ventured to Dali, a small village much like where Tigist and Mihiretu were born. Hoping to learn how they could help, they were shocked and saddened by the thought of anybody, especially children so dear to their hearts, living in such conditions. At the school, some 2,700 students shared 20 inadequately furnished classrooms. Seven rooms had no furniture and most children sat on the rocky ground; the overcrowded schools were literally falling apart.

Located in central Ethiopia, the densely populated sub-district of Dali is composed of seven neighborhoods of approximately 75,000 people. Two neighborhoods, Kambo and Yimbra, are among the poorest communities in this region, with an overcrowded and inadequate educational system and no access to basic health services or clean water.

A Comprehensive Project
The Dali Development Project is a comprehensive project designed to improve the quality of primary education, increase access and utilization of safe and adequate drinking water for household consumption and hygiene purposes, and provide access to basic health services to the estimated 6,000 beneficiaries in the Kambo and Yimbra communities of Dali. The people had an immense desire to make change happen, but there seemed to be no way out of this vicious, ongoing cycle of poverty. Meanwhile,A Glimmer of Hope had been making big plans for this small town. “By providing Dali with the building blocks for a prosperous community, we are sure that a very real change can begin to take place.”- A Glimmer of Hope

Glimmer started with one of the most basic necessities – water. They built 7 clean water points including spring protection developments, an advanced water well that includes a washing basin, cattle trough, reservoir, capped spring and distribution points with two to six faucets each.

The Classrooms
A better community also starts with a solid education, so it was imperative to build a good learning environment for the children of Dali. Glimmer realized that along with the construction of 16 classrooms, comes a better education and a more promising future to look forward to. The educational component of this project included the construction of four new school buildings, each with four classrooms. The expansion provided fully furnished concrete classrooms, including school desks, blackboards, and desks and chairs for the teachers. We are happy to report that with your help we were able to fund the classroom furnishings for one of the buildings for this project.

With so many resources for health, education and living conditions in place, this once destitute town now has a springboard for a better future and optimism it could not have had otherwise. Through A Glimmer of Hope, the Greene's efforts will forever change the lives of thousands.

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