Friends of the Zata School

Christmas wishes really do come true. In just over three weeks during the Holiday season of 2009 we received donations from these 92 Friends to purchase 200 desks for the Zata School. Their generousity will enrich the lives of the 1000 students who attend this rural school. See the photos below of the desks in place in the Zata School.

Adam Cole

Aiono Family in memory of Edie Metysek

Alma Solis

Amedeo Tessuti & Gigi Ong for Dennis & Nora Ostler and in memory of Uncle Lanny Davis and Mamma Lucia

Amie & Soy Maulit

Amy Clapp in honor of Joan Clapp & Family

Angie Fischer

Brenda James in honor of her son, Tyler

Brian & Shira Goodman

Brigette Dequilettes

Carolyn & Lionel Olson and family

Catherine Foster in memory of Ben & Esther Lordemann

Catherine Hong

Charles Imstepf

Charlotte Morrison<

Christine Levine

Damon Lee in honor of Theran & Vivian Lee and Family

Dennis & Nora Ostler

Diane Keefe in honor of her daughter

Diane Bernert

Elisa Leone

Felicia Lovio

Flossie Wagner

Gail Scheuer

Gary Edenfield & Jeff Braden in honor of Kevin & Christa Foley, Mary & John King, Thomas & Sloane Morrison, Amie Maulit, Sharon Zacsek, Rick Held and Amedeo Tessuti

Heather Lenz

Ian & Jan Sykes

Janet & Pat O'Connor in memory of Bob & Mary Braden

Jennifer Young

Jennifer Tash

Jesus the Way Up Ministries

Jillian Pedone in memory of Ruby Pedone and in honor of Mary & John King, Paul & Maureen Pedone and Gary & Jeff

Joan Gramberg

Jodi Brown

Joe & Michelle Fitts

John & Corrine Mix

Johnny Gidcomb

Josie Quiroz in honor of her Nieces – Nadia Quiroz, Lucianna Sandoval and Valentina Sandoval

Julie & Jeff Johnson in honor of Dr. G. David Bojrab, Dr & Mrs. Stephen Hatch, Bill & Mary Lou Arnold, Hanefa, Seng, Belle & Zach Phothirath and Kayla, Josh, Caiden & Asher Karns

Kevin & Christa Foley

Kim Cruser-Scott

Kira Tirimacco in honor of Clair Eckroate, Grace Eckroate, Adrienne Godish, Matthew Godish, Ella Brown and Sander Brown

Kristina Rodgers in honor of Renee Calabrese, Kimberly Reinka, Karen & Phil McConville, the Rodgers Family and Jeff Wilson

Lisa Semler

Lisa Spayd Sendre

Marc Lilien<

Margaret Lancaster in honor of Carlyn Pheil

Maricela Palacios in honor of Margarita Cuadros, Debbie Meyer and Rosalva McCarten

Mark & Michelle Hager

Maryam Nassirbegli

Maryrita Schaub

Mavis Peterson

Michele Bennett

Michelle & Xavier Ramos

Ming Lowe

Pamela Wilson & Gary Edenfield Sr.

Paul & Maureen Pedone in honor of Flossie Wagner, Pat & Lori Edenfield, Demian & Megan Pedone, Mary & John King and Gary & Jeff

Paula Stewart-Held

Peggy Reed

Phylis Hansen in honor of Jimmy

Portia & Bob Schaeffer

Randy Isham

Rick Held in honor of Norma & Robert Held

Roger & Derry Coe

Sharon Zacsek

Staci Gonzales

Stephen Williams

Sue Braden in memory of Bob Braden

Sunshine Fox

Thomas & Sloane Morrison

Tom Clancy in honor of his daughter, Veronica

Val Foley Esquer in honor of her son Drake Esquer, Kentia Kripalani, Tyler Blackledge, Phoebe Switzer, Nolley Moeder, Harry Hope, Cole Brantman, Malia Harding, Alissa Jacobo, JP & Owen Moriarty, Leuc Wilby, Sadie Briggs and Charlie Johnson

Victoira Puma

Wendy & John Hughes