Friends of the Dali School

Thank you to all our friends who donated during the Holiday season of 2010 to enrich the lives of the students at the Dali School!

Adam Cole

Amedeo Tessuti & Gigi Ong

Amie & Soy Maulit

Beth Barror

Brian & Shira Goodman

Brigette Dequilettes

Catherine Hong

Christine Levine

Christy Foley

Courtney Robertson

Diane & Jim Shanman

Felicia Lovio

Florence Wagner

Freda Tong

Heather King Kelly

Janet & Pat O’Connor for Pat & Gary’s birthday

Janine Harvey

Jillian Pedone for Pat & Gary’s birthday

Josie Quiroz

Julie & Jeff Johnson for Gary’s birthday

Karen Carver

Kevin & Christa Foley

KIDS FIRST in honor of Kids Can

Kristina Rodgers

Lien Hoang

Lionel Young

Lisa Foster Kostadinov

Lisa Spayd Sendre

Margaret Lancaster

Maricela Palacios

Mary Rita Schaub

Matt & Jennifer Lovejoy

Monica Kostelnik

Onofre Casas

Paul & Maureen Pedone for Pat & Gary’s birthday

Rick Held

Ruth Shafer in honor of Kids Can

Sandra Lee

Sean Taksony

Shana Cruz Thompson in memory of my son Daniel

Sharon Zacsek

Staci Gonzales

Thomas & Sloane Morrison

Todd Douphner

Tom Clancy

Tomomi Kido-Gutierrez

Valerie Foley

Victoria Olsen Puma

Walt Johnson