Gonek School

Thanks to you this project is complete!
We found out about this wonderful new school project through our friends at A Glimmer of Hope, an organization committed to bringing an end to extreme poverty in rural Ethiopia. We had the good fortune to work with A Glimmer of Hope on the Dali School project in 2010. Glimmer’s integrated community development program in Gonek includes the construction of health facilities, water projects including a deep bore hole project and education projects. This was an exciting project we just knew we had to help them with.

We went to visit the Gonek school in March, 2011 with the help of Tigray Development Association (TDA), a local Ethiopian NGO who is coordinating this project, and found a make-shift structure made of sticks and mud with children sitting on rocks inside. The school is located high in the Alage Mountains, nearly 8900 feet elevation, in a remote area 50 miles south of Mekele. After a two hour drive along rocky roads that wound through an arid landscape lined with cactus, we saw the school off in the distance surrounded by the students and teachers.

In 2011 the school, built 3 years previously by the community, was a rustic structure consisting of 3 classrooms. Thanks to our donors there are now four beautiful classrooms with cement floors and wood desks and chairs. We are so thrilled that we were able to help these children learn.

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