Kids Can

The Multi Visit Program

A Shared Experience
Kids Can is a program for students, teachers and parents – a shared experience that connects students to the world outside their classrooms. It is designed to help kids realize the power they have to change lives and to focus and use their talents on behalf of others.

The Program
Kids Can is a multi-lesson program, designed for up to six weekly visits created to connect American students to their peers in Ethiopia. The children will learn history, geography, current events and cultural customs — and most importantly, they will learn the meaning of Help.

Lesson 1
During the first visit, the students get an introduction to Ethiopia. They start by locating it on a map and receiving a short history of the country. A set of photos help illustrate the countryside, tribal villages, clothing, food and social customs of the country.

Lesson 2
The focus of the second visit is experiencing a typical day in an Ethiopian school. The students look at photos of the classrooms and discuss how their Ethiopian peers walk miles to attend crowded classes without desks, books or teaching materials. The kids “experience” classroom life by sitting on the floor and have an oral lesson to help them understand what it’s like to learn without books. At the end of the visit the students get a Penny Can to start collecting pennies to buy a desk for a school in Ethiopia.

Lesson 3
During the third visit, the kids talk about how they earned money for the Penny Can. They discuss how it felt to save money and help kids in Ethiopia. The students brainstorm about ways they can be “helpful” and involve giving of themselves. Using a handout we will provide, they will make a list of ideas and commit to doing 5 helpful things over the next several weeks.

Lesson 4
The fourth visit will begin by reading letters from Ethiopian students and then they will compare their school experience with that of students in rural Ethiopia. Afterwards they will draw pictures and write letters to their Ethiopian brothers and sisters talking about attending class in America.

Lesson 5
The fifth visit will celebrate friendship. Each student will create a friendship bracelet they will keep, to serve as a reminder of their new friendships with the Ethiopian students they are helping. They will discuss ways they can be giving and helpful in their daily lives. Their bracelets will remind them to be a role model to others.

Lesson 6
For the final visit the kids will listen to Ethiopian music and have a feast of orange soda (Marinda is a popular Ethiopian orange drink) and popcorn, which is part of festivals, celebrations and ceremonies in Ethiopia. The students will count the pennies they collected and celebrate their accomplishments. They will make a commitment to kindness and helping others – do they feel any different about themselves and others than when the program began?

Kids Can School Pack
Contact us if you are interested in participating in this program so we can discuss providing you with everything needed to share Kids Can with students in your community.